Garden Sheds

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These Apex  concrete sheds make ideal workshops. This model has taken advantage of the tru brick option wich is available in 5 seperate colours 
These Pent roof concrete garden sheds have a steel personnal door, 4' x 2' wooden fixed window and a wooden fascia.
These Apex precast concrete garden sheds have a steel personnel door and pvc fascias along with a 2' square pvc double glazed fixed window.
These apex prefab concrete sheds come complete with a steel personnal door, 4' pvc double glazed fixed window and pvc fascias.
This concrete sectional shed is one of our basic designs with a wooden fascia and spar finish to the walls.
These Pent roof small concrete sheds fit snuggly into any corner of the garden. This one has a steel personnel door and PVC fascias.
This is a standard Pent roof garden shed with wooden fascias and sloping from right to left.
This standard apex concrete garden shed has wooden fascias, Tru Brick front posts and a white steel personnel door.
The standard prent roof concrete shed has wooden fascias, one wooden 4' x 2' fixed windows and steel personnel door.
Concrete garden sheds make idea storage sheds to stand alongside mobile homes as they are less contestable.
This apex concrete garden shed has woodgrain fascias and offset steel personnel door.
This maintanance free concrete shed would look good in any garden with its PVC fascia, 2' square pvc double glazed windows and steel personnel door.
If it's a basic pent roof garden shed you require then this would fit the bill with it's steel personnel door and timber fixed window.
The basic apex concrete shed is very adaptable, this one has the steel personnel door fitted in the long side with the fixed timber window.
This standard 6'3" x 12'1" apex concrete shed has been enhanced with 'Tru Brick' front posts and a steel personnel door.

The wide range of storage sheds is extensive and can be quite daunting from timber sheds to concrete sheds and even steel sheds in the end it is a matter of personal choice but if you want a strong and secure shed it is best to have one made from steel or concrete.

These sheds are available in different shapes and sizes with a flat roof or pitched roof, these garden buildings can also be used as a workshop where you can work on any hobbies or arts and crafts.

With many different optional extras that can be added to your shed you can make it better suited to your needs and requirements.

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