Elite Greenhouses

Elite greenhouses manufacture what is probable the largest selection of aluminium greenhouses in the uk. These consist of lean to greenhouses, mini greenhouses, small greenhouses, along with many other garden greenhouses for sale.

These are complimented with a large selection of greenhouse accessories and a fitting service




Elie Compact Greenhouse.Elite Compact greenhouse
For such a small greenhouse the 4'3" wide Elite Compact is has many features
Elite Streamline Greenhouse
The Streamline will fit into a smaller space.
Elite Craftsman Greenhouse.Elite Craftsman Greenhouse
The 6'3" wide Elite Craftsman greenhouse is the favourite choice for serious glasshouse growers.
Dwarf Wall Greenhouse.Elite Dwarf Wall Greenhouse
The Dwarf Wall greenhouse is
 a popular choice for a more traditional greenhouse.
The Elite High Eave Greenhouse
This greenhouse offers more internal space with it's higher eaves.
Elite Belmont Greenhouse Greenhouse.Elite Belmont Greenhouse
This 8'5" wide model is very popular where space premits.
Elite Window Garden Greenhouse.Elite Window Garden
The Elite Window Garden can be attached to walls or sheds.
Elite Kensington Lean-To Greenhouse.Elite Kensington Greenhouses
These Lean-To greenhouses are made to any length, there's  no limit when it comes to length and three widths
Elite Easygrow Lean-to Greenhouse 
The  Easygrow provides glasshouse growing success from a reduced space.
Elite Thyme Greenhouse.Elite Thyme Greenhouses
These elegant glasshouses taking their design from a bygone greenhouse era will add a nice touch to your garden.
Elite Thyme Dwarf Wall Greenhouse.Thyme Dwarf Wall Greenhouse
This attractive, uniquely styled glasshouse is often associated with a bygone era,
Elite Titan Greenhouse.Elite Titan Greenhouse
If strength is your primary factor when choosing your Elite greenhouse then the Elite Titan is unsurpassed. 

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Elite Aluminium Greenhouses

Elite Greenhouses have a 10 year aluminium frame guarantee and are manufactured to a high standard to provide a long term service with minimum maintenance.

Many greenhouses in the Elite range can be coloured finished in one of the 9 Elite colours.

Elite offer three different glazing options on many of there greenhouse models these are horticultural glass, toughened safety glass and polycarbonate.

A wide range of optional Elite greenhouse accessories, such as staging and shelving, will enable you to customize your greenhouse.